Prompt: put two people who hate each other in an elevator for 12 hours. What happens?

“Oh no! It’s stuck! Now what?”

“Uh, I don’t know. How about we just don’t go to your sisters like I originally wanted?!”

“Ha. Ha. Looks like you’re gonna get your way Darryl! But you won’t get to go to a stupid bar with your buddies! Not this Easter anyways!”

“Anything is better than your sisters.”

“Why do you hate her again?”

“Cause she reminds me of you! Hahaha! Oh what? You’re mad now? Fine! Don’t talk to me! I prefer it!”

*5 hours later*

“What ever happened to us anyways? We used to like each other.” Darryl laments, breaking the silence.

Pausing to think, “I got that promotion. Once I got it, I became consumed by my work. And forgot about us. About you.”

“You finally admit it, huh? I didn’t think that you had even noticed.” Pausing, “And when you stopped paying attention to me I started drinking. That’s why I go to the bar. I don’t want to drink alone. I don’t really like it there, but it was better than being home alone. I’d trade it all to have you back Monique.”

“You can though.” said his wife, as tears streamed down her face.“How can we erase what’s happened?”“Not erasing. Beginning again.”

“Can we? Cause we’ve said that before and nothing has changed.”

“We can. I got fired last week.”

“WHAT? How? Why?”

“Some bullshit about restructuring for the future. My position is being eliminated. Yadda yadda. I was upset though. Not at them, at myself. I was upset that I had nothing to show for it all. And I had lost you in the process. I’m sorry Darryl. Can you forgive me?”

Tears streaming down his face, “Hell yeah, baby. Come over here.”

*7 hours later*

“Tonight’s news: a local couple was found naked in an elevator after being trapped there for 12 straight hours. When firefighters arrived to assist them, they found the elevator wasn’t broken. The reason? The wife pulled the emergency stop so they would be forced to work out their marital problems. Haha, what some people do to avoid a shrink! Am I right, Joyce?”

“That’s bizarre Chuck! In other nudity news, Cincinnati police arrested a protester for literally crashing the wedding of his ex-fiancée, while naked. More details to come, but first the weather with Heather. How’s the weekend looking Heather? Can I break out my kayak?”

I'm cool, but I'm also 98.6 degrees. Never mind.